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Porcelain Slip, by the name of Colorific Porcelain®, was  re-introduced  in 1980 to the public by Ralph & Jeanette Gullikson.  The original Porcelain Slip was called Carlana Porcelain. This Porcelain Slip was developed in the 1950's, by Carl Sanders, husband of Helen Sanders, a famous Lace Draping Instructer. The name was changed to Colorific Porcelain® after being manufactured by a Washington State company.  The formula remained the same.  Colorific Porcelain® has remained the Porcelain Slip name as well as the Gullikson's Company name.  The Porcelain Slip is manufactured in gallons and in pints.  Red  & Orange is now available as of 2009.  More new colors were added in 2010.  We pride ourselves on how easy this Porcelain Slip casts.

From the very beginning they made their daughter Melody Gullikson Kolbe the shop manager, which gave Ralph & Jeanette the freedom to teach classes around the country.

Cotton Laces were added in 1988 to Colorific Porcelain®, for the lace draping trade.

Rex Tools & Forma -Leaf Manufacturing Company, was purchased in 1997  by Colorific Porcelain®.  These are cutters and leaves which, when pressed into clay, form the petals and leaves for flower making.  These tools are good for any type of molding substance that can by be formed into flowers by hand.  Clay, Femo, wax for candle making & cake decorating - just to name a few.

Spanish CoIors  by Victory, were added in 1998  to Colorific Porcelain®, who are the sole manager and bottler's for the Victory Spanish Colors which had it's base in Orlando, Florida.  These Spanish Colors are manufactured only in the United States.

1999 came and they added the Jamar Mallory Lace Draping Molds, bought from Alberta's Mold Company.  They did not plan on being the manufacturer.  They chose to have Shiloh Molds, Inc. manufacture and distribute this mold line.  Click on the following website to look at these molds.

Decorative Porcelain Bisque was originally owned by Ada Belle Davis of Tacoma, WA.  Ada Belle produced beautiful Porcelain bisque for 30 years for the Tole Painting field.
Colorific Porcelain, purchased Decorative Porcelain Bisque in 2001.  This part of the company is run by Melody Gullikson Kolbe, the owner's daughter, under the name of Decorative Porcelain Bisque. Decorative Porcelain was closed in 2014.

Willoughby's China Paints and  Supplies In 2014 - Colorific Porcelain®  bought Willoughby's China Paints & Supplies from Larry Shuler.  Susan Heib was the manager for many years.
   Larry, with his wife, Dovia Shuler, bought this company from Gladys Burbank, past owner of China Decorator.
Dovia produced many of the original formulas that we use today.  Her main love was working with glass.  We have 4 beautiful sudies for sale by Dovia, that we are proud to be able to continue selling to the public.

#JM-090, JM-F085 &  JM-F168A


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