What are Enamel China Paints
Enamels are a vitreous, opaque material that is fused to the surface of the china ware by firing in the kiln.
adhere to the glaze in relief form, above the surface of the ware.  To a certain extent, Mineral colors
are transparent, whereas enamels have a body.  They are opaque and cover what is underneath them.


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  Please note:  The following color tiles shown are not an exact reproduction due to several conditions. 
Firing temperature, electronic reproduction, and the painter.

PRICES  AS  OF 2018     
    Color # Color Price
1 Oz.
      Color # Color Price
1 Oz.
E 101 Old English Turquoise $5.75     E 115 Golden brown $4.95 $11.85
   E 102 Royal sapphire blue $5.75             E 116 Hunters green $5.50 $13.20
E 103 Corn Flower Blue $5.75     E 117 English Pink $6.50 $15.60
E 104 Royal Violet $8.95 $19.10     E 118 Mulberry $8.95 $19.10
  E 105 French Mauve $8.95 $19.10     E 119 Pink $4.95 $11.85
  E 106 Marigold $4.95 $11.85     E 120 Black $5.50 $13.20
E 107 Corn Yellow $4.95 $11.85   E 121 Bright Red *
Cadmium bright red
$5.50 $13.20
E108 Ruby Maroon $8.95 $19.10   E 122 Chartreuse $5.25 $12.60
  E 109 Turquoise $5.25 $12.60     E 123 Santa Red *
Cadmium bright deep red
$4.95 $11.85
  E 110 Gold Orange $4.95 $11.85       E 124 Soft Rose $8.95 $19.10
E 111 Fruit Green $4.95 $11.85       E 125 Antique rose $8.25 $15.00
E 112 Astro Red*
Cadmium bright orange
$4.95 $11.85              
E 113 Brown $4.95 $11.85              
  E 114 White $4.65 $11.15         Colors with this mare * are CADMIUM colors and will only mix with other CADMIUM reds and yellows.  Being    
Pro Metal Tool
for enameling
Rex Wood Tool

for enameling
A medium to mix the enamel

powder into A dry putty form.

 The above enamels are in dry powder form.  Mix with Enamel Media to a thick paste, thin for use with Pure Gum Turpentine.  Apply to glazed or bisque ware with turpentine as the media.  Dry at normal room temperature overnight and fire as other china ware.  We recommend one firing at cone .019 for soft ware, cone .018 for hard body ware.  The hotter the firing the more relief materials tend to relax.


Most of Willoughby’s colors are inter mixable to achieve variations of color and shade.  However, it is always safe to test a mixture before using it on a valued piece.  The EXCEPTIONS to the rule are the colors belonging to the GOLD BASE and CADMIUM-SELENIUM BASE families.  Each family is inter mixable within the family of color.  The Gold Base family also mixes with most shades of blue.

CADMIUM-SELENIUM FAMILY:                                                                                    GOLD BASE FAMILY:
    Enamels………………………………………………………………#112, 121, 123                                    Enamels…………………………………………………….#104, 105, 108, 117, 118, 124, 125 

      Last updated  03/2022
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