What are Matt China Paints
Matt paints are paints without flux. The main difference is they do not shine or have gloss after firing.
When Matt paints are used in a very heavy manner, the paint will appear as velvet after firing, even on a glazed piece of chinaware.
This is called “
Velvet Grounds“.  When Matt paints are used on glazed china, the shine will be less than when used on a
un-glazed piece.  The thicker the paint, the less the shine.   Generally, Matt paints are not used on glazed china wares, except for “Special effects”.
Matt paints are most often used on “BISQUE”.  The Matt paint will not have shine and will have the same smooth velvet look as does the bisque.

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PRICES  AS  OF 2018             SUBJECT  TO CHANGE
  Color # Color Price
1 OZ.
    Color # Color Price
1 OZ.
          M2 California Poppy *
A CADMIUM Bright yellow red-orange. Use with Cadmium colors
4.50 10.80             M72 Yellow Green
Similar to sap green, but is somewhat darker in tone.
5.50 13.20
M6 Mixing Yellow
Exceptionally good mixing yellow. Medium yellow that will even mix with iron colors. The iron color must predominate. Excellent for mixing with blues and greens.
4.95 11.85   M75 Outlining Black
A good brilliant black, very useful for lining, lettering, and for mixing with other colors to make them darker.
5.95 14.25
M8 Lemon Yellow
A clear light yellow with medium mix ability. It will mix with greens and blues and will grey the violets.
4.95 11.85   M76 Russian Green
A very rich blue green, sometimes called drake green.
4.95 11.85
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is w12.jpg  M12 Light Pompadour
A light red iron color, excellent color for lips and cheeks
5.50 13.20   M78 Black Green
The darkest green. It is so dark that when applied moderately heavy, it appears almost black.
4.95 11.85
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is w13.jpg M13 Pompadour Brown
An iron red brown. Darker than pompadour, excellent for shadows on red flowers. A good flesh color for men.
6.75 16.20   M80 Shadow Green
A very deep and rich green, pure in tone.
4.75 11.45
          M14 Pompadour
A rich iron red, Pompadour reds can be shaded with all the rust-like colors and browns
6.50 15.60   M82
Is transparent, and therefore, can be used to slightly lighten colors. (not iron colors).
4.95 11.85
M15 Flesh Pink
The best color for complexion. Can be blended to a light tint.
5.25 12.60   M83 Moss Green
This green has a bit of brown undertone. It will turn more brown with hotter firings. An excellent leaf color, a fern green.
4.50 10.80
M16 Yellow Red
A red with a definite orange cast.
5.50 13.20   M84 Blood Red
A deep iron color with a slight pinkish cast in washes.
5.95 14.25
M19 Black Brown
A shade similar to dark brown, but is darker and slightly colder in tone.
6.25 10.80   M85 Harvest Gold
A gold yellow
4.50 10.80
M20 Rich Brown
 a dark brown red, and is used where a deep rich brown is needed as for accents and depth.
7.50 18.00   M86 Golden Oak
A yellow brown with a soft iron red undertone.
5.25 12.60
M21 Finishing Brown
Similar to black brown. It is a very dark shade, and if heavily applied is almost black
5.50 13.20   M87 Petal Pink
Very light pink with a coral cast
5.25 12.60
M22 Hair Brown
Very much like coffee brown, but slightly deeper
5.50 13.20   M88 Wine Red
Iron red color a little darker than blood red and a little more to the maroon side
5.95 14.25
M24 Auburn
A rich, light brown, deeper than yellow brown, with a hint of red
4.95 11.85   M90 Water Blue
Very light blue with a little green.
6.95 16.65
M26 Golden Amber
A bright amber
6.25 15.00   M91 Water Green
Light green with very little blue in it.
4.25 10.20
M27 Yellow Brown
A light brown with
decided yellow tint. It is
a rich shade.
5.50 13.20   M92 Chartreuse
Medium light yellow green
6.25 15.00
M28 Rose
A medium dark pink. not quite as dark as American Beauty.
12.95 31.25   M93 Persian Red
A medium pink red
6.25 15.00
M30 Pink for Roses
Without a doubt, it is the best all around pink. It does not require any special firing.
13.95 33.50   M94 Royal Blue
Dark bright blue, there isn’t any black.
5.95 14.25
M34 Tea Rose
A very light pink
9.95 23.85     M97 White Vellum 4.50 10.80
M35 Brunette Flesh
Darker than Dresden flesh.
9.95 23.85     M98 Ivory Vellum 4.50 10.80
  M36 Dresden Flesh
A pink flesh tint. Very pale.
7.95 19.10   M300 Tan
Very light yellow brown, very little yellow.
4.95 11.85
M44 American Beauty
A beautiful crimson shade.
21.95 NA   M304 Rich Yellow Brown 5.25 12.60
M46 Banding Blue
A dark bright blue – a pure rich shade. Mixes well.
4.95 11.85   M310 Dark Shadow 5.50 13.20
M47 Sevres Blue
A hint to the green side. It is a medium clear blue.
4.75 11.45   M311 Ivory Flesh 4.75 11.45
M48 Delphinium blue
A good true blue. Mixes well. Bright in tone.
4.95 11.85   M312 Blonde Flesh 4.75 11.45
M49 Baby Blue
A clear light blue color.
4.95 11.85   M313 Brunette Flesh #2 5.50 13.20
M51 Forget-me-not
A very light blue – a hint of green.
4.95 11.85   M314 Dark Cheek 6.25 15.00
M54 Royal Violet
A deep purple to the ruby side.
17.95 43.10   M315 Tender shadow
Medium brown green, with a little blue.
4.75 11.45
M55 Flower Grey
Darker than pearl grey and more bluish in tone. It may also be used for a glaze over greens
4.75 11.45   M317 Indian Flesh
Medium yellow -brown- tan
4.50 10.80
M59 Deep Blue Green
A fine blue shade, almost too pure a blue to be called green. It is similar to turquoise blue, but deeper in tone.
5.50 13.20   M321 Dark Brown
Dark warm brown with black.
5.50 13.20
M61 Turquoise
A little darker than blue green, and has a slightly greenish tint.
4.95 11.85   M323 Light Grey
Very light grey that doesn’t have brown or a lot of blue.
4.75 11.45
M64 Brown Green
Warm green with brown. Much used in foliage for the brownish tones in dried leaves.
4.95 11.85     329 Flux
add shine to your
bisque ware
4.95 11.85
M71 Sap Green
A light green, clearer shade than yellow green, and not yellow in tone.
5.50 13.20   M17  
A Dark red CADMIUM color. A deep bright red Use with CADMIUM colors
4.95 11.85
    Colors with this mark * are CADMIUM colors and will only mix with other CADMIUM reds and yellows.  Being fugitive, heavy application is best.  These colors ground well, but are not good in washes.                

MATT COLORS are used on glazed  or un-glazed (bisque) ware.  Matt colors are fired at the normal china firing temperatures and are NOT gloss.


Most of Willoughby’s colors are inter mixable to achieve variations of color and shade.  However, it is always safe to test a mixture before using it on a valued piece.  The EXCEPTIONS to the rule are the colors belonging to the GOLD BASE and CADMIUM-SELENIUM BASE families.  Each family is inter mixable within the family of color.  The Gold Base family also mixes with most shades of blue.

CADMIUM-SELENIUM FAMILY:                                                                                    GOLD BASE FAMILY:              
    Matt Paint…………………………………………………………………………..M2                                    Matt Paint…………………………………… M28, M30, M44, M54


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